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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wed, Oct 17

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Anonymous said...

Go Lois!

She has more courage than any other candidate in the County.

Plus she doesn't have a mustache.

Anonymous said...

I like Pike, but he is hardly a master of the issues. Some of his assertions make staff heads spin.

He was wrong about the nature and status of the city/county intervenor with Skagit County, for example.

Not a put down; just a statement that Pike was not in mastery of that topic.


Good post, John. Thanks for sharing your choices and why. I like the new comment feature, too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, JS. Thank you for the new comment feature.

I think it's very useful.

Rev John Ass I said...

Question for Chris Hatch:
As a member of the County Council, will you represent ALL of Whatcom County, or just the Aryan Nation?

Anonymous said...

Were you at the last two debates? I'm not seeing much mastery of the issues from Pike.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new comment feature. Servais should've opened his blog up to open public comment (he's so into it) years ago.

Why does Pike think we should settle with Skagit? They want to clearcut our watershed. Some things aren't open for collaboration.

How would Pike's proposal for developers getting advocates in the permit center work JS? Is that like a Nordstrom personal shopper?

Anonymous said...

How is Pike into Opennessity? For example. Whatcom Watch Survey, he is for Motor Boats Off. Now, once he has bamboozelized thousands, he flops in some secret meeting down at Old Town Cafe. Was it for some donor's money? Looks like it.

Next, the Gristle reports this week about discussing the position of Chief Administrator in exchange for an endorsement? Was this a public meeting I missed? Didn't Foster Rose get nuked for doing this? Does the word illegal enter Pike world?

How about the Lake Whatcom Park? What public process did Pike use to decide to take dump on 8,400 acres of critcal new land protections vs clear cuts. Other than it showed how AWOL he was on all Lake issues and gave McShane an advantage showing long work and success.

Many people are disgusted by this attack on our newest park, only for personal gain to enter the mayor's office.

So, its nice to SAY that Pike is sunshine and openness but I can't buy it.

Anonymous said...

John, don't be envious that this blog has hundreds more hits per day than yours. Its mostly because Tip is moved over to this blog (which he may have started!, he is web savvy, after all)

Nice cover by Tip to pretend he is getting his butt kicked by someone who likely doesn't post here. Very clever fake out Mr. J.

Tip, when you finally reveal your blog secret. Can I watch? In the meanwhile, keep pretending you "don't" know anything about who started this blog. Wink.

Anonymous said...

Tip, could this really be your blog???? Would you try something this underhanded and deceitful? It can't be true!!! It would be like not having the courage to admit to your actions. You know, like wearing a black ski mask, and carrying a base ball bat. That would be as bad and deceiving as falsifying a claim to the government. You do know what I mean don't you. Say it ain't so Tip, say it ain't so.

Much Fooledman said...

Hey, this is seth a cool site. Hope its name isn't too obvious a reference to our candidate, Dam McShame.

But it's sure a good way to create confusion on the issues. Like Pike's for clear cutting the watershed and our guy is for putting a nice park next to Trillium's Galbraith Estates.

Or how we spawn another rumor right out of Tim Johnson. Boy ain't Tim great! There's a real team player. Hope Dave keeps throwing him bones.

Gotta go now, time to kiss Syre's ass again.

Mitch Friedman said...

Curious that JS would (correctly) point out the importance of Bjornson questioning Lilliquist's sparse history of community involvement, yet continue to be silent on Pike's similar AWOL record. I've thoroughly enjoyed the sparing between Gray and Snapp over their respective (very impressive) histories of involvement. Yet such questions about Pike are rebuffed as mudslinging.

Anyhow, great site. I'm not sure why JS is so upset. If the objective of his site has been to bring attention to his opinions, then this is his day in the sun. But if his goal has been to play Blackwater, sniping at the citizens from the safety of a perch, then what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

It's only fair that the many people who have been assailed or disorted by John, whose web site (while admirable in effort) follows no rules of journalism, should have a way to respond unfiltered.

for my part, I don't expect to spend much time at either site.

mitch friedman said...

By the way, the "much fooledman" thing is pretty clever. Never heard that before.

But if it's true (as I guess JS reported) that Pike called for settling with Skagit County, then the man knows not what does.

And anyone that thinks Pike is better for the waterfront cleanup and keeping th Port in check, just read again the Herald's endorsement for an explaination of why the paper has been so anti McShane.

The thing about the Pike-Keenan rumor (reported in the Weekly) is that it simply rings true.

Tip Johnson said...

Yup, I admit it! I'm responsible for the whole thing, just a curious need to twist John Servais' nose!

I doubt the traffic is challenging nwcitizen, for which I've seen the stats. It looks like only five or six folks are frequenting this haunt. Kind of one of those circular self-congratulatory things.

I am a little disappointed that the effort didn't elicit some higher quality content, but I guess it's the same with compliments or criticism, if that's all you're going to get. You just gotta consider the source. As long as you can't do that, due to all the black ski masks, it's pretty much a waste of time.

Nice to see Mitch standing behind his views! Way to go, buddy. Hopefully you will set an example.

Anonymous said...

What is the deal with Keenan and Pike? Did he offer a job for an endorsement? Or not?

Spit On John said...

JS loves to think he's outside the box, but really he clings to the status quo. Change is scary to the JS's of the world.

Eric Cartman said...

Astro Turf???
How about Kenny boy in district 2?
He's about as bought and paid for by outside interests as has ever been seen in Whatcom county.
By the way, BOTH DANs SUCK!
Undervote that race! I'll bet NW Citizen endorses him.
Wow, this politics horseshit is incestuous. So many wierd political bedfellows. So much fun watching you Liberals fight Each other.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cartman's post, in part, I believe to be quite correct. Both Dan's do suck.

The difference would be Servais' campaign support and advise going to Mr. Pike. One might come to the conclusion that Pike could be as unfair and unbalanced as Servais is, but, that may indeed not be the case. Servais offering his campaign support to Hampster hopefulls historicaly is the kiss of death as we all know, but Servais actually has advised some candidates who have actually won in spite of his "help". Let's hope if Pike wins, (and I do like him more than McShane, but not much), he has the good sense to stop listening to him, and cast him aside quickly as the others who have been victorious have done before him.

Tip Johnson said...

Wow! A third poster with a real name. Way to go, Eric! Show the way!

Richard Liquor said...

For someone who uses the name of a cheap porn star, why is he congratulating a someone for using a name of a cartoon character?

Hey baby, want to see the tip of my johnson?
c'mon now, Tip Johnson? that's not your real name.

My good friends call me Dick.

John Piston said...

Leave South Park out of this.

Anonymous said...

I just found this site.

The best thing to happen to blogging in Bellingham since Mr. Servais started (waaaaaay back in 1995 - had Al Gore really invented the internet yet? I had my first dialup connection in '96, so not sure about that. Anybody else remember "Pacific Rim"?).

John Servais, OBVIOUSLY you could make this site go away with your own comments option, which is part of nearly every blog. But I think you actually, in a twisted way, appreciate this spoof site as much as you hate it.

I would encourage the owners to do a bit more on the "spoof" part, as you could actually have some real fun (and get more fans) by parodying Servais more, as well as all the local politicos, not unlike SNL.

Thank you, keep up the good work!

Tip Johnson said...

Dang! Look what I've missed by not watching television. I'm given to understand that Eric Cartman is probably not a real person. Something about Southpark? Whereever that is.

And by the way, of course it is not my real name!

Tip Johnson said...

Hey! Who the heck has been using my name on this blog?

Ronny Reagan said...

From Deregulating the FCC, and pissing off Hollywood, I've done more for free speech than Norman Lear. Now Bellingham Politics is catching up with the WorldWideWeb and airing out it's stinky underwear for all the world to see.
I wonder if this Northwest Idiot is just as funny in Mandarin or Turkish as it is in english.
Well, "Tip" Johnson, Richard Liquor, and Johnny Piston, you nice young fellows keep exercizing free speech for the rest of the world to see. This ghost in the machine has to go back to work at HARP. Don't forget to wear your aluminum foil hats.

Anonymous said...

I like how McShane works behind the scenes. Every two weeks you can watch him working behind the scenes on TV! Its really cool to watch someone working behind the scenes on TV! I guess JS doesn't have a TV otherwise he could watch McShane on the County Council working at public meetings behind the scenes.

Anne-Marie said...

I just found this site and have been very interested in the comments. The expose on Pike's lack of real Harvard degree is disturbing but the allegations of misconduct regarding a potential job offer to Keenan are a violation of campaign law.

Is anyone investigating them? Has the Herald reported on them?

Richard Head said...

No, Anne Marie, Sam Taylor at the herald won't investigate. He thinks that the only race in Bellingham is the Whatcom County Bean Counter's Race. ( a couple of abacus jockeys if you ask me.)
So, no the Herald will not report on Pike Superamendments on C-4's or on McShane for filing all those blank C-3's then going back and amending them later. Both are non events to the esteemed political writer from the Bellingham TASS news agency.

My Friends Call Me Dick.