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Monday, October 15, 2007

Mon, Oct 15 (2)

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Anonymous said...

I see copyright protections for John Servais all over the place.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any distortions of John's actual writing. Just comments on it. I also see a lot of copyright protection and links to his site.

In fact distorting what he actually says would just defeat the whole purpose of the site.

shoves in jar said...

I've always found the cruel are quick to dish criticism out but loathe to take it.

Anonymous said...

I also do not see how the integrity of Servais' original posts have been messed with in any way. If anyone sees how his original writing differs from what is copied and pasted here, will they please comment on this blog?

a fan said...

Shit! What an opportunity for us to all say RIGHT ON JOHN!!!! We've been loving what you'vce been saying for years and now we get to say RIGHT ON!!!!! Keep it up, muthafuckAA.

Fine Feathers said...

Oh, this is fascinating. Just found out about it. Mr. Servais' feels "violated"?? This is utterly hysterical. After he's spewed false bile about people for ages, he feels "violated" and is considering "legal action"? John, you're a riot.

I'm changing my nwcitizen bookmark to this blogspot. John's going to be read by lot more people now. He should feel grateful. Whoever set this up, thank you!

Jive Ass Horn said...

Friends, if you're coming here for the first time, please leave a post that you're enjoying the ability to comment on John Servais' commentary on the community and that you find the opportunity to respond enhances your right of free expression.

It might help as John attempts to get Google to shut the site down.

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

This site doesn't spoof Pike's, it spoof's JS's. It's not an anti-Pike tactic, it's an anti-JS tactic.

Tip Johnson said...

I just love the courage exhibited by anonymous posters.

Is it still "free speech" when the source is locked up behind some arbitrary handle.

The only reason Servais has to take this crap is because he is honest enough to sign his name to his opinions.

Does flaming someone who bothers to speak out encourage free speech? Or does it have a chilling effect?

How many keep quiet to avoid an anonymous thrashing?

flame said...

lemme get this straight john cuts & pastes for yrs then, when someone shoves his own shit bakck into his face he ducks behind copyright law

grow up ya fkn pussy.

another view said...

Tip-- maybe the petty retaliation we've come to expect from Mr. Servais on his website is the reason we choose to remain anon.

shoves in jar said...

Tip wrote:

The only reason Servais has to take this crap is because he is honest enough to sign his name to his opinions.

Yeah. And now we get to tell him what we think of his opinions. Is free speech preserved? Hell, yeah, and then some. This site probably triples the interest in John's site.

It's called democracy. Deal with it, crybabies.

Tip Johnson said...

Just like I said.

Judge for yourself, readers. I hope it does triple his readership!

Jive Ass Horn said...

Tip-- Apart from the anon post capability (just like the Herald's) what do you think of the blog?

Tip Johnson said...

Great fun! I think it will be a great way to demonstrate the McShane religion's lack of depth!

Also to drive traffic to John's site.

I mean, who really prefers backbiting to real issues? Who really prefers anonymous ranting to opinions someone is willing to stand behind?

I wrote John to suggest he highlight this site and maybe follow the example. Turns out he has been working for a while to program a comment module for NWCit.

I just love the good old American tradition of the "Town Hall meeting". Of coursr it is a little different when everyone is wearing black ski masks and carrying baseball bats, but...slug away!

Jive Ass Horn said...

Hey, why should John reinvent the wheel? Stick it over on blogspot. Took me 20 minites to hack his site, with comments.

Anonymous said...

John heres the bottom line. "You reap what you sow"

DILLIGAF said...

Love to watch you Liberals fight each other.
It's almost as good as Girl on Girl action.
I don't like conservatives, but I hate Liberals, especially tree spikers.

Anonymous said...

Finally, the toxic dwarf and his overly lubricated former city council abusive henchman are being exposed. Maybe this publication will put an end to the out and out lies, and at best half truths that have come from the mouths of the the unrightous Happy Valley couple. It's justice now in print, and so long overdue. Please bask in the glory John and Tip, you've earned it.

Tip Johnson said...

Good example of my complaint that this site is run by those without the energy to assemble their own content, the courage to stand behind their opinions, the intelligence to synthesize information, the focus to stick to the issues or any interest in real dialog:

Easy to generally say people speak "lies". Much harder to evidence one. Easy to call someone a "henchman". Much harder to give an example.

I am personally ready to compare community contributions and achievements with anyone bold enough to discuss it openly.

Hot air is cheap, especially when you are too cowardly to stand behind what you say!

McShame on you!

Anonymous said...

Ah, so Tip is the ever-clever author of McShame. Man, you sure blog a lot. What happened to your day job?

Anonymous said...

Ah, so Tip joins Servais in his McObsession.

You know Pike is not nearly as fun of a name to play with.

But that aside, how exactly is this about the McShane's? Does Servais really imagine that putting up a fun blog feature is anyone's campaign strategy? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

It's fun if you add his middle name, Venus. That's some good times.

Richard Head said...

Tip Johnson?
That can't be a real name.
Hey Baby, want to see the tip of my johnson.
It sounds like a fake name for a cheap porn actor.
C'mon dude use your real name.
By the way, my friends all call me Dick.