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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wed, Oct 10 (2)

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Anonymous said...

I like how JS still pretends not to be attending Pike campaign meetings. Mr. Neutral. He should probably declare his web site as a contribution to Pike campaign worship.

JS also managed to conveniently skip the better of the two forums. The NW Business club lunch wherein DP got smished. Another lie by omission?

Anonymous said...

Pike is starting to lose his nerve. On the bright side, once Pike loses the election he'll have lots of time to become involved in local issues. Maybe he could take over this blog and help build consensus rather than spread lies.

Anonymous said...

One has to admire the Herald promising not to run a story on Pike not beating his wife and then running with it. Good choice.

Apparently KGMI also wasn't going to do anything with the story since they had the letter courtesy of Pike and the rumour obviously traced back to our man Mr. "near tears". They flipped too.

Fish of a feather flipping together? Herald, KGMI, Pike?

Hey, isn't Muskie a fish too? A crying type of fish?

Anonymous said...

And the best of the Herald blogging...

this is who we want for mayor ?? HELL NO! some teary eyed spinless worm who is about to cry in public over some good ole fashioned mud slinging!! this is politics you friggin moron!!this is what happens when you put your butt out there for all to see.....duh!!..but thaks for showing your true colors!! yellow baby....bright shiny yellow! so if your elected mayor and somebody talks smack about you or you dont like what someone else has said about you, you'll what? have them arrested? have them harrassed by your underlings or just go have yourself a good cry!! ELECT PIKE FOR SPINELESS WEASEL OF B'HAM!!

TIp Johnson said...

I don't know whether Pike is losing his nerve, but it appears the McShane camp has lost their bearings.

Look for the high road in this mayoral campaign. It's not hard to find.