Let's make "Let's do the Public's business in public" public!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Mon, Oct 15 (3)

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Anonymous said...

John Servais wrote:

This sentence will be posted and made fun of.

Yeh. No sentence should end in a preposition. Hee Hee.

Tip Johnson said...

Grammar rules? Or as Churchill was reported to have said, “This is the sort of English up with which I will not put.”

Boy! That's sticking to the issues! I'd hate to speak at a public hearing around you guts if I had a speech defect.

Anonymous said...


I think you mean "you guys."

Tip Johnson said...

It's worth repeating what I wrote on the last thread:

"I just love the good old American tradition of the "Town Hall meeting". Of course it is a little different when everyone is wearing black ski masks and carrying baseball bats, but...slug away!"

shoves in jar said...

JS wrote:

They think they are attacking and making fun of me and Dan Pike but they are actually attacking free speech in America.

Stop cowering behind Dan. He's okay. U suck. This site is not about Dan, NWidiot; it's about U.

Anonymous said...

"While Dan McShane has called the Herald about the blog ripoff of nwcitizen, he has not contacted me. Go figure."

Waaaannh! Dan called Sam but not me!

Why would he, exactly?

Anonymous said...

This is all about JS and not at all about Dan P.

Tip Johnson said...

If I stole your car and parked it a block away, would you call the cops?

Would that be whining?

Jive Ass Horn said...

Servais wrote:

Google.com has written me that I need to provide them with a court order in order to get the names of the ripoff posters. That may be impossible.

Hear that, everybody? Way to go, Google! BLOGS AWAY!!!

city hall staff person said...

"Well, it turns out the several days delay in posting the city council agenda was really an inadvertent side affect from a vacation by a city hall staff person. All innocent and not by design."

Vacation. Just part of the deeper conspiracy.

Tip Johnson said...

What if I left a horrible stink all over it?

Would you complain?

Anonymous said...


Did someone steal your car? I am concerned. Let us know if we can help find it. I know the police are not always on top of these things.

Has anyone seen Tip's car?

If only we could get consensus and find it. Who could we call?

Tip Johnson said...

Amazing how the anonymous posts on this counterfeit site are all very disparaging and snide, but exhibit a pattern typical to quick half-wits and one of the mayoral campaigns particularly: They entirely miss the point, avoid the issues and disdain real dialog.

But what can you expect, talking to hijackers?

Anonymous said...

Tip said his car was around the block and there's something stinky on it. I think we should form a committee to study the location of the car and the source material of the smell.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I think even half wits need a place to frolic. I wouldn't be so discriminatory against people with one wit tied behind their backs.

The issue of the day is the introduction of frank comments and ideas to John's postings. I think it was inevitable. Perhaps not the way envisioned by John but ya can't wait forever.

John can certainly dish it out. But can he ....

your wife said...

JS said:
"If you speak out then your boss gets called"

what boss? you havent worked an honest day in ten years.

Tip Johnson said...

Wow! Impersonating John's wife? That's pretty bold!

Bold, but not brave. Not smart, either. Low integrity, too, kinda ON Par with David Hunter, your hero.