Let's make "Let's do the Public's business in public" public!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Mon, Oct 8

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Vain Joshers said...

I wish John Servais were Governor, then we wouldn't have any staged crap!

John puts the pub in public. Or did I mean pube?

Anonymous said...

This sounds like Dino Rossi has some serious support from John. A little black ops to drive the public away? Good work Mr. S.


Vain Joshers said...

I tried to find the event John described, but must have gotten the directions wrong. I was able to find the Gregoire open house though. Solid audience, solid questions (except for the too-cute moment with the Boy Scouts), and the subset that attended from the group of 50 John described (whatever their real role was) had lousy seats. Other than the smooth host, the event seemed genuine.

Oh, and I didn't see John there.