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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sat, Oct 13

For what they are worth, or not worth, today I am posting my preferences or endorsements for candidates. I describe myself as a progressive and those who know me consider me very liberal and a tree huger but fiscally conservative, However, I do not just support liberals or Democrats. Never have. I know too much about how politics works. Rather I look for integrity, a love of the community and intelligence so we get competence, Over the years, some very conservative elected representatives have done far more for supposedly liberal causes than our supposed liberal officials.

Case in point: Bruce Ayers on the Bellingham City Council, a conservative, was key to keeping the Fairhaven Library open when our liberal council and mayor wanted to close it. Bruce also blocked the liberals from destroying our Happy Valley neighborhood. Terry Bornemann and Louise Bjornson were no help and Terry was arrogant and disdainful towards us as he supported anything the city planners and WWU wanted. Terry also has tried to block any comprehensive traffic study of the southside - something that a 'friend' of neighborhoods should be all for. Elected liberals often have non liberal agendas.

Bottom line - I ignore labels. One reason the local established liberal elite does not have any truck with me is I am not loyal to their 'causes' and candidates. Yet I am for liberal and progressive causes. I tell you this now only so as to explain how I approach endorsements. There are some campaigns where I've not yet been able to see a real advantage of one candidate over the other. While I'll probably vote for Stan Snapp, Damon Gray will also make a very good city council representative and so I may not put that 'V' in front of Stan. There is also no reason to endorse those with no opposition. I like Jack Weiss but it is meaningless to put a V in front of his name. I hope my efforts are of value to you. As John Watts recently posted on his HamsterTalk blog, please vote.


shoves in jar said...

So JS has an open mind about people and [ha-ha] takes things at face value. But others who do, who sit down and discuss ideas with people like Syre, Edelstein, Roger Selene, Iverson, etc., they're just conspirators plotting in secret.

Wot a crock!

Rev John Ass I said...

Funny that by trying to dodge the status quo and act all edgy and cool, JS only ends up bumping against the walls of his own little limited mind.

TIp Johnson said...

There's an interesting corollary between what is generally posted here and what i see on the Herald blogs:

When John Servais or Dan Pike are anonymously attacked, the poster usually include resort only to name-calling.

When John criticizes a process or Herald blog posters criticize McShane, they rely on issues and actions. Go ahead and disagree,but please have an opinion with something other than disgusting drivel.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Tip, you go first!