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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thur, Oct 18

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Tip,

Can you explain why anyone would ever want to post under their real name when anyone who does will likely be sued?


Anonymous said...

What would you get sued for?
You're just using that as an excuse to hide your identity because you're an old man, with no sex life, probably can't get an erection, and you're too much of a pussy to tell people your name.

Reading the comments in here is like looking into a circle jerk of closet queers getting off to each other with bags over their heads so no one knows they're gay.

get a life you fucking fags.

Anonymous said...

Mom? Is that you?

Anonymous said...

Degree from Harvard? Why is someone embarrassed to mention it is a MID CAREER MPA. Another lie of omission?

A quick glance at the program brochure shows the degree is nothing more than a money making scam of Harvard. It is the only program at Kennedy school that does NOT require a Bachelors or even a High School degree to apply and obviously no GRE or GMAT GPA requirements either.

The only thing that is required is $74K to study with old people average age: 38 with the oldest guy last year at 70.

Even Katherine Harris holds a Mid-Career Masters of Public Administration from Harvard. . The Mid-Career MPA is a one year program. It is not the traditional MPA that the Kennedy School confers. Harvard Guy needs to correct his biographies and stop touting himself as some degreed specialist.

He simply has an accelerated mid-career MPA which for some obvious reasons he is embarrassed to admit. No thesis, 9 months, no entrance requirements except cash.

Harvard Guy is our very own Katherine Harris! Call him Kate.

Tip Johnson said...

Ouch! Blocked my IP? Now there's a stand for open access. Geez, I guess the stated purpose of this blog has been proven false. What is it really, then?

Tip Johnson said...

Looks like I can still post from work, though. You still have work to keep your project censored!

Jive Ass Horn said...

No (t)IP blocking to my knowledge.

TIp Johnson said...


Tip Johnson said...

OK! Wonder what that was all about?

Jive Ass Horn said...

Maybe you tried to hack into the site last night and tripped something off?

Tip Johnson said...

Arghh, mitey! Warn't me. Good idea though. I guess youse alreedy set the standard for that kinda bizness.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that everyone wants to be anonymous on this site, like they're embarassed about what they are saying. This includes the people who put up this site.

Interesting too that Tim Paxton's e-mail adress is registered at blogger.com. Could Tim Paxton really have a blog other than this one? I doubt it.

You can see for yourself if this is true. try to log in and go to the forgot password page, there it has an option to enter your e-mail adress and they will send you info on what blogs are yours. try a random e-mail and you will get an error saying they don't recognize your e-mail. Then try tim_paxton@yahoo.com and voila, it sends an e-mail to him no problem.

Sorry Tim.

Black Wind said...


I'm really disappointed in you, Tip. I voted for you for Port Com and I'd vote for you in that position again. But you've really indulged heavily in nonsense on this site. Give it a rest.

As for commenting on John's blog posts, I must say Northwest Idiot appears to have taken the wind out of his sails. He does not say much these days.

But Mr. Watts has a post today (can someone create a similar blog of Mr. Watts' blog?) that pretty much does not make a bit of sense. It contains the tortured logic we've come to expect from Mr. Watts, but today's post is particularly scrambled-headed.

The truth of the matter is that this election, at least for the "bubble people," seems to draw a line in the sand over the waterfront. And this is no less true for Mr. Watts. (Remember the ILA?) He knows Mr. Pike would press the accelerator on developing projects on this polluted site, be it called New Whatcom or Waterfront District. And that's fine with him. And that's not, as Mr. Watts knows, fine with Mr. McShane. He wants the place cleaned up to an residential standard. And he's the only candidate who ran for mayor this year who's said that. Mr. Watts hates that. Hates it.

Mr. Watts is probably still more than a little bitter of the County Council telling the Port and the City to take a hike when Mr. Darling's minions wanted tens of millions of general fund revenues with no strings attached.

In Mr. Pike, Mr. Watts has the unthinking "yes" man he wants at the City. Yes, Jim Darling, whatever you want. Yes, let's build "infrastructure" on 12,000 ppm of mercury concentration. Yes, I LOVE a marina in the ASB. Money well spent, Pike will tell ya. And that's EXACTLY what Mr. Watts wants to hear. EXACTLY.

The question is? Why does Mr. Tip Johnson want to hear that? It appears he's suffering from a problem that clearly dominates John Servais' personality: He has not grown up. This is all akin to a high school rivalry to them. They throw common sense out the window and get in bed with the BIA. (http://www.biawc.com/news.php) Because they don't want to do the right thing for this community. They just want to win. So sad. So very sad.

shoves on jar said...

black wind: Well said. Very well said.

You are so right. Tip is just an agent in pursuit of lowest common demoninator (despite phony prtotestations of seeking dialog--kinda like his time on City Council...?). JS has dried up entirely (how unfortunate!), but such is the style of bullies.

John Watts is pissed that he and his kind were once scolded by Dan McShane. "How dare he!" It colors every word of a bitter old man.

Tip Jonson, the porn star, is a fraud. He stands for nothing. Too bad, because--like you, black wind--he was once a hero of mine. Now he is a bitter, destroyed person, fit only to be the homonculous of John Servias. So sad!

How far you have fallen, Tip--someone once razor sharp in ethics, to some twisted gollum in pursuit of destruction. Shame on you, but also shame on us all for losing so fine a figure.. Where did you--and us--go so wrong?

Anonymous said...

Pike and Tip want to develop Watt's waterfront project for the Port?

I thought Tip was into clean up?

Not clear.


Tip Johnson said...

Not being able to listen or synthesize information is a big problem for the ilk that prefer the black ski-mask and baseball bat approach.

Of course, if you are not interested in issues and just want to bash, it doesn't matter if you pay attention. In fact, it is a disadvantage. You might feel bad. But that's probably why you don't use your names - just not producing stuff you can be proud of.

I, somewhat without much encouragement - howling futilely into the face of the foul winds of numerous anal, self-esteemed environmentalist - have been the only one advancing the point that could lead to a real clean-up: That the Port's plan will squander valuable, necessary water treatment capacity and important water supply.

Are we going to fix Lake Whatcom? How? That means intercepting stormwater from developed areas and diverting it to treatment. Oops! Where will that occur after the Port wrecks the lagoon? Who will pay to replace that capacity?

Are we going to try to recruit family wage jobs? Where will we treat their effluent? Not in the Port's new marina! What about the value of the industrial water supply that becomes useless without the lagoon to receive it?

Are we going to restore the nearshore habitat of Bellingham Bay? How will we protect restoration investments from recontamination without water treatment capacity?

I did not propose filling the lagoon with toxic goo, which also deprives the community of treatment capacity we will need in the future. Nope.

I propose that we utilize the previously legislatively approved concept of a contained aquatic disposal site to cap the Cornwall Avenue Landfill and the Haley wood treatment site, provide a local repository for the maximum removal of (treated) contaminated sediments, connect the north end of Boulevard Park into the foot of Cornwall, create a continuous public waterfront and provide the community a larger marina site in a better location. It keeps the lagoon, its outfall and approved mixing zone for its highest and best use - protecting the environment.

I even developed an exhibit - you know, a visual aid, for folks that don;t have the capacity to listen or think it through.

You can see it a http://www.nwcitizen.us/watersedge.pdf and I thank John for making it available for your perusal. More than you are doing. Not much content here - besides John's, that is.

Now, if you want to want to talk about issues, go ahead and talk. I've provided you several if you can pay attention long enough to read this and are astute enough to pick them out. I'd be delighted to see some actual ideation.

Meanwhile, thanks for all your compliments! Eventually, I hope to run into some real environmentalists.