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Friday, October 5, 2007

Fri, Oct 5

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Anonymous said...

I don't really trust Pike either. The BIA loves him (even being on his campaign team), and he has over-represented his experience.

Seth! Where are you!

Anonymous said...

Servais should learn how to do a little research. check out the county council minutes from 10/06 and 11/06 - full discussion about the reconveyance when the voted 7-0 to move ahead.

Trust Pike with no record? With full BIAW and Bonner and Servais support? With sneaky Greg Kirsch on his campaign team AND on the Herald editorial board? Telling the southside that he'll buy chuckanut ridge and the northside that he won't?

Vain Joshers said...

I bet that lowbagger Friedman was an insider to the whole deal. I've heard that he and the McShanes are on Sutherland's payroll. It's true! Sutherland got so tired of being sued by Friedman's group, having their Lake Whatcom lands taken away, and the Lisa Evildoer McShane running hit campaigns against him, that he brought them into his tent. Now Sutherland is so determined to get McShane and Kremen elected that he's going to give us an 8,400 acre park. That makes me so mad I'm going to go clearcut the watershed myslef!

Josh Veiners said...

I usually live by what John Servais writes, but I'm having trouble with this. I mean, how could John Watts have "blown the surprise" when the Servais' links show that Tom Pratum was posting on this subject over a year ago? Further, isn't it true that County Council voted in public to spend $300,000 exploring reconveyence? And that the issue's been discussed openly by the Watershed Advisory Board and posted repeatedly on the Lake Whatcom email discussion list?

Nothing against John Watts' investigative powers, but I heard that city council (including John) was briefed about reconveyance two years ago. Oh, and Servais himself was briefed on it by Lake Whatcom activists.

Could Servais be a double agent, and perhaps even part of the Big Conspiracy To Protect Our Drinking Water?

Vain Joshers said...

Good questions! But here's the kicker: As John points out, Myron Wlaznak shreds this deal as a fate d'accompli.
But DNR's web site says that land exchanges usually take 18-24 months, see http://www.dnr.wa.gov/htdocs/amp/transactions/exchanges_pdfs/faq.pdf
And check out how DNR's massive Central Cascades Land Exchange was totally fleshed out into a proposal before the public process, including hearings, got started: http://www.dnr.wa.gov/htdocs/amp/transactions/eastsideex/centcascex/pdfs2/ccfactsheet.pdf
Perhaps what looks to John and Myron as a done deal is actually just now ripe enough for the public phase, which could last up to 2 years before anything's final.

Josh Veiners said...

Thanks Vein - you da' Man!

But why are we doggin' the county council for trying to move aggressively on lake protection? Didn't the majority of them get elected by us for their very promises to protect the lake?

Oh, and that Myron guy, I thought he was for protecting the lake. So what's his problem?

Vain Joshers said...

Oh yeah, Myron. I don't he's got any real problems with reconveyance. It's just his nature to yap about things. A recent letter in one of the local papers called him a porch poodle, because he barks at everything that goes by.

Josh Veiners said...

Porch poodle - I love it!

We need a name like that for Servais. I mean, what do you call a guy that whose wound so tight that he seems angry that he can't be in every room, witness and conscience of every public conversation?

What do you call a guy who bundles a conspiracy theory into each of his common sense observations, then claims the truth of the latter reveals his insights on the former?

Oh wait, here it is. It's on the tip of my tongue. It's coming. Oh Oh, wait for it...

He's an asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Northwest Idiot said...

"Dan Pike will bring openess"!!! Open like you John? Open like Brett Bonner? Open like the BIA?