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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sun, Oct 21 - By Tip Johnson

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Jive Ass Horn said...

Whoever said this blog was about creating a better forum for community discussion? It was created to comment on NWC. I find it interesting that Tip and John continue to "misunderestimate" that and assign political motive; if JS was writing about daffodils, the comments would be about daffodils! Just shows what gutter these operatives' heads lie in.

NWIdiot is strictly in reaction to whatever drivel (or genius) gets posted there first... Net effect? Yellow Sniper John goes AWOL and Reservist Tip breaks out the Big Guns: Best post on NWC in months.

Anonymous said...

Not personality, character.

One is your typical political lying sack of sh*t. Just like Asmundson.

* Oops. Don't wanna make him cry.

When one candidate dude has no record, lies about his actual wimpy one and flip flops all over the campaign trail misleading the good people of Bellingham, well he can go throw more fish.

And, ha ha ha ha. A free open bar from the Bellwether??? "I didn't get the bill yet"

PUUHLUUUUEEEAAASSSE get this guy out of here.

If Tip can find ten guys who also got free hosted open bar parties at the Bellwether I will kiss his ass. Well maybe not.

I can't imagine why Pike has Tip and John and even the Weekly so flim flammed unless there is some serious man love goin on here. Gay mafia is back?

Tip Johnson said...

Like I said, no traction on real issues. None! Wow.

Anne-Marie said...

Tip -

Since when is political contribution malfeasance (or at the least, obfuscation) not "traction?"

Tip Johnson said...


Obfuscation? That's politics, I guess, but I wouldn't call it traction. Does it pertain more directly to chaotic campaign accounts and amended filings or to unfounded rumors created to harm reputations?

Alleged malfeasance? Does the phrase "innocent until proven guilty" mean anything to you? The allegation is at least a little weak when the PDC says everything looks fine. By itself, it could merit attention. Amidst a flurry of scurrilous rumors from the same campaign, it seems a little more like slime - the antithesis of traction.

This campaign year has been disappointing for the issues.

I know who you are. said...

Seems like this site has gone to allot of work to lose votes for Mcshane. I was for Mcshane in the beginning of the the race but I will never vote for him ever again. Mostly because of the nasty tactics like this site and the BS going on in the Herald and other places. GOOD JOB!
You helped to finish this guy.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Dan Pike tells us to identify problems, then find the solutions, then build consensus to achieve those goals. Okay...
1: Office of Neighborhoods. 2: Office of Neighborhoods. 3: Someone experienced in electoral politics 4: Citizen-elected charter review (to which Pike would appoint "2 to 12" city staffers, to which Dan McShane would appoint...no one...that's why it's elected) 5: change 6: change 7: Lake Whatcom Department 8: transparency in government, including budgeting and town hall meetings 9: change and 10: a mayor who works well with the county and doesn't trash the county every chance he gets.

Thanks, Tip! You just gave us 10 reasons to vote for Dan McShane! Now that's what I call building consensus!

Tip said...

Geez, it's been obvious from the beginning that we all agree. Vote for Dan!

Dick said...

Nope. I don't agree.
Undervote the mayors race.
Vote NO to Dan.

Write in Richard Head for Mayor.