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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wed, Oct 10 (1)

These next 7 to 10 days are the critical campaign time when candidates either seal up their wins or blow their chances. The well timed smears - if any - will make their appearance late this week - in the days that lead up to the mailing of ballots on next Wednesday, October 17. And I am hearing solid rumors of smears in the making. Hopefully the more mature heads in the campaign groups will prevail and we will not see the smears. If they play out then this website will do its best to name the responsible persons. And I have reason to think at least some of the other news media will act the same.

The above was written late Tuesday evening after several phone calls with others as we have tried to narrow down the source of rumors about Dan Pike.

Tis now midnight and the Herald Wednesday issue is online. Sam Taylor has an article on the very issues we have been concerned with. It is a good article.

There is no question for me about the dirty mayoral campaign. Pike's group is not doing negative. Indeed, while I am not part of his campaign, I have not seen one single thing from his campaign that is negative. It is really a sad commentary on our local politics that he and his wife have had to deal with this stuff. I remember a few years ago when Tip Johnson ran for Port Commissioner and some of these same people smeared him over family matters. Funny how the same names come up every election.

Lets hope Sam Taylor's willingness to print up this stuff will serve notice that if the Herald learns the particulars of later smears that it may print those particulars.


Vain Joshers said...

Wow, Servais standing tall on the high ground. Reminds me of a skunk pinchin its nose.

I seem to recall NW Citizen making the comment a week or two ago the referred to the McShanes and associates as "abusive." Of courseJohn wouldn't see that, or his off base attacks on forest reconveyance, as him slinging campaign mud. No he's above that.

As for the generality, compare the Herald website comments associated with any Pike or McShane lte. Pro Pike letters maybe get one or two responses, always substantive and directed at Pike himself. Pro McShane letters face a tirade of personal opprobrium.

Some have requested that Pike put out a call to his supporters for a higher standard. I'm glad he finally did so.

Anonymous said...

That was Brilliant that Pike ran sobbing to the press!

"On the verge of tears..."

Great advice JS!

It worked for Muskie too.

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased to see Servais go on record as not being on Pike's team, because when I saw them together recently, I was a little afraid Pike was actually having a campaign meeting. What a relief they are just good friends! Oh wait...is it?

Rev said...

ALL of the negative rumors have come from the Pike camp. It's just that John Servais is so negative himself, he can't see out of the bottom of his shit well.

Anonymous said...

A little kid who lives on my street, let's see ... I'll call him Johnny, spends his time doing all sorts of devious things. Johnny makes up stories that make it seem that his friend Danny's to blame. The neighbors have learned the best way to figure out what Johnny's been up to is to listen to his stories about Danny.

Jonny even has a porch poodle that he abuses.

Anonymous said...

So, the original source of Pike's wife and kids leaving to the motel was ....

wait for it..

Dan Pike.

Who, in August told a news guy who told Hunter and now Pike whines about it sobbing, near tears... to the press.


Anonymous said...

A typical Pike Campaign Meeting:
Pike, Servais, Marian, Sati, Greg K., and Rebecca. Down at Old Town for breakfast. Servais claims not to be "on the team". What shite.

The brain trust that came up with attacking the 8,400 acre park and flopping on every position Pike has taken.

Van Monk said...

For the record, I've seen Pike meeting with Servais in the last two weeks in Fairhaven. I've seen Servais at Old Town with the Pike campaign team.

I guess liars love liars.

Anonymous said...

I heard Pike did a fine job at the Bellingham Business Forum.

Some sample questions:
1. When did you move here?
um.... 5/06
2. How many times have you voted
in last 10 years? 100%!!!!
3. How many pay checks have you signed in your career?
4. What's today's position on motor boats on the reservoir Pike?
Motor Boats are GREAT!!
5. How many times can you say "Frankly" during one lunch session?
twelve times, frahnkly....
6. What color is your face when you are lying. (Just kidding, Pike never lies!)
7. Pike, if thats your real name, did you know you don't even qualify to serve on the planning commission.
Dammit!! I'm not running for Planning Commission.

Rev John Ass I said...

Sad for David Hunter that he overestimated Rebecca Johnson's integrity. I'm guessin' that's the last time that'll happen.

Anonymous said...

Careful, everyone. Pike will try to get us disbarred.

Tip Johnson said...

Said it before, but it deserves repeating:

Blaming the victim of David Hunter's slanderous muckraking makes the posters of such drivel guilty of exactly what the McShane camp was maligning Pike.

Sad, desperate and sick.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tip,
Slander is verbal.
Libel is written.

Private communications between two friends are not public. Did P ask David Hunter if he could run crying to the press with the purloined private letter? I don't even recall Rebecca agreeing to that.

That would have been achieving consensus first.

Anonymous said...

John ol' buddy. Freedom of speech as you so frequently wrap yourself around, was not intended to include lies and slanderous coments about your innocent victims. Manic depression should be treated and controled as not to do harm to others, not put into print to compensate for your abundance of esteem problems. John, did you ever stop to wonder why you get along with no one? Ever.