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Friday, October 12, 2007

Fri, Oct 12

Lois Garlick has a 4 minute video on YouTube that is worth every voter watching. Please spread the word. I am strongly backing Lois for Whatcom County Executive. Many say she is too old. Well, Pete Kremen - and our mayors - depend on their administrative assistants to actually run our county and city governments on a day to day basis. So will Lois, if elected. She will hire a first class executive manager - but she will insist on high principles and will allow the departments to do their jobs.

Most of us - myself included - recognize that Lois supposedly doesn't have a chance. But we can send a message that we want better county government by protesting Pete's abusive behavior and the do nothing track record of our county government. There is no down side to voting for Lois. It is a vote for better government. Lets give Pete a big rebuff with a good vote tally for Lois. She is running the good campaign and doing her best. She knows the odds. But she is doing this for us. Watch the video.

Lois is not a public speaker. But, as all who have quietly discussed issues with her know, her mind is still sharp and her will is very much there. She filed for the executive in the last minutes of the filing period because the potential candidates she had been counting on did not file. She has worked for decades to enhance our county and she has watched Pete let things slide away during his 12 years in office. Our county departments have to be allowed to do their jobs. Lois can do a better job than Pete has done.

Watch her video. Tell others. Vote for Lois. Things can be better.


Shoves In Jar said...

Pete was mean to John. Waah! (see his Aug 24 post). Now Pete must die! Die, Pete, die! Wahh!

Actually, Pete's a hero of mine since he called John on his shit and his filthy lies and distortions. Way to go, Pete! You've got my vote! I only wish you'd broken John's head open ansd checked for brains.

Anonymous said...

Now, now. Let's give Lois her due here. She is the only one in the entire County with enough gonads to step forward when all the men quailed and declined to run.

I bet she does well since Pete has done such a crappy job over the last 12 years.

Go Lois.

Tip Johnson said...

I would dearly love to see just one of the small-minded mean-spirited anonymous pit bulls promoting this rip-off site to quit using cheap generalizations like 'shit and his filthy lies and distortions" and have the guts to cite any specific instance or example and, even better, to stand behind it.

Duh! It's easy to throw rocks from your secret hiding place. It's a McShame when folks with the courage to openly express their opinions are persecuted by cowards hiding behind anonymity.

Lincoln said he wanted to be proud of the place he lived and live so that his place could be proud of him. Anonymous vilification just doesn't measure up!