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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sat, Oct 20

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Seth's endorsement is huge

Loved Pike's latest mailer
He forgot only a few things:

An amazing 12 addresses in recent 10 years.

Actually only moved here in May 2006.

Twelve years to get a B.A.?

Voted only two times in this Century in Bellingham.

Has a "MID-CAREER" MPA from Kennedy School of Harvard fund raising.

Talked with someone about endorsement for job according to Weekly a la Foster Rose?

No record of any testimony to City or County Councils, ever. A person who truly does not give a crap about any issue locally, until he runs for office.

Decides to attack 8,400 Lake Reservoir Park solely as a campaign strategy. Pike would rather torpedo the park than take a position on it.

Endorsed by Realtors.

Recommended by the BIAW Developers

WDDOT has no idea what the hell $500m FAST Budget Pike is talking about. Supervised nobody while at WSDOT. "A facilitator."

Master of Flip Flopping on local issues: Motor Boats, Chuckanut Ridge, Lake Czar, etc.

But, The WEEKLY sorta endorses him.

So, Seth's endorsement is HUGE.

Black Wind said...

Oh, Seth. You sad, cruel boy. This is a blip. Seth's appeal is a mile wide and an inch deep, as we learned in the primary. But, really, what is wrong with him? I think the bigger story here is the epic cruelty of his betrayal. Seth owes his political career, in part, to Dan and Lisa and Raven McShane. And this is his thanks? This? Where is Seth's sense of decency? Oh, well. Whatever. Perhaps this has something to do with


Black Wind said...

Hey Anonymous,

Just a gentle correction: It took Dan Pike exactly 19 YEARS (not 17) to earn a B.A. (1975-1994).

Anonymous said...

Seth will change his mind by Monday. Pike doesn't know that, because he hasn't been around here very long.

Anonymous said...

And, for fun. A nice comment stolen from the Herald LTE blogs... More issues to discuss...

"While I appreciate the diplomatic touch of Ms. Russell, let's be honest here:

Pike would be a disastrous mayor. He has no real-world management experience to speak of. Let’s take a moment (well, a few moments) and think about all the times he's lied either outright or by omission during the campaign. He breathes lies. Let's summarize just a few of his tricks so far:

1. Chuckanut Ridge. Before the primary election, Pike tells the Southside that's he's for moving Chuckanut Ridge "into public ownership." He wins the Southside during the primary. He then tells two neighborhood activists privately that he "made a mistake" in telling the Southside that. (Direct quote.) When pressed to reveal his "mistake" publicly because he’s being flagrantly deceptive otherwise, he refuses. (Why should he, he’s no doubt thinking. He’s got ‘em ALL fooled. Shameless and cruel.) On October 16th, in a desperate bid to continue lying and pandering for votes on the Southside, he proposes something that’s illegal in order to buy Chuckanut Ridge! (By the way, folks, his proposal will NEVER happen. He just wants you to be fooled long enough for Southsiders to vote for him. Unreal.) I’m not sure Mr. Pike would make it through a year without going to jail.

2. Pike’s education. I think this is worth in-depth consideration, particularly since he prides himself on it and uses it like a shield against all doubters. (Well, I’d say he conveys something akin to hubris bordering on madness, when it comes to his education.) He tells you he’s got a degree from Huxley and Harvard. Here’s what he’s not telling:

Mr. Pike started his undergraduate career at an infamously conservative college in Indiana (Goshen) in 1975. After two years, he dropped out. In 1981, he enrolled in Wenatchee Valley. In 1982, he dropped out. In 1982, he enrolled at WWU. In 1984, he dropped out. (See a pattern?) In 1992, he enrolls at WWU. In 1994, he graduates. Whew. So there’s Mr. Pike’s stellar undergraduate career: It took him 17 years to get a BA. I would not make light of this history, were it not for the fact that he thinks of himself as some kind of genius (he’s not) and denigrates Mr. McShane’s stellar academic record.

So given Mr. Pike’s sorted undergraduate career, how in the heck did he get into Harvard? Think about. How? Well, as it turns out, it didn’t get him into Harvard. Not the real Harvard. Not the one that actually requires requirements for admission. Mr. Pike matriculated in a “Mid-Career MPA” program that’s not a part of the regular KSG graduate programs. Basically, ANYONE with a few years of work experience, a few letters of recommendation, and $74,000 to burn can get a Mid-Career MPA. (Heck, Katherine Harris got one!) The program lasts only one year, which includes a portion of time devoted to “remedial” instruction. (So about nine months + a few remedial courses.) Basically, it’s easy money for KSG, and the program has all the academic credibility of an unaccredited vocational school in the Dominican Republic. I tell you no lie. Don’t believe me? Here are direct quotes from the program’s website:

“Is there a minimum GRE/GMAT or GPA required to apply?
We do not require a minimum score for the GRE/GMAT examination or a minimum GPA.”

"Mid-Career MPA applicants are not required to meet any academic prerequisites...."

Still can’t believe it? Look it up yourself: http://www.ksg.harvard.edu/apply/FAQ.htm

(By the way, you’d think the Herald or any other news organization would do this sort of thing. But in Bellingham, we don’t have journalists—certainly not at the Herald. We have PR firms. The Herald is a PR firm for Pike and for others—like the Port of Bellingham.)

3. Lake Whatcom. After hearing about Dan McShane’s idea for the Lake Whatcom Department, Mr. Pike starts talking about a “Lake Czar.” And he proclaims repeatedly that he’s for boats off. As the campaign wears on and Mr. Pike gets wrapped with wades of cash from developers, realtors and the Port of Bellingham (go ahead---it’s all there in the C-3s), he starts changing his tune on a whole host of issues in freakish displays of ad hoc incoherence. NOW he’s for boats on the lake. NOW he’s against the “Lake Czar.”

4. Project Manager of FAST Corridor Freight Mobility Project. Mr. Pike has repeatedly claimed that he “managed a $500 million” transportation project? The truth. He absolutely did not MANAGE any such thing. This is one of the grand deceptions of the Pike campaign. He MANAGED nothing. That’s the operative word in this deception---managed. He did not MANAGE money or people. For the FAST project, he told the Herald on October 7th that he had NO EMPLOYEES. But three days later, at the NW Business Club Forum, he said he had “3 or 4 employees.” (He said this lie after Mr. McShane stated he’d managed over 50 people on a multi-year $36 million SuperFund cleanup project. And that’s like Mr. Pike, isn’t it? Like a small child, he’ll try to “one up” his opponent with a lie, like this was a schoolyard game of who’s the “bigger man.”) The truth? He had absolutely no staff under him. None. This has been repeatedly confirmed. Mr. Pike has never hired anyone in his life or fired anyone in his life. He’s never written a check for an employee. Mr. Pike has absolutely no management experience whatsoever. Mr. Pike has so wrapped himself up in a web of lies that he can’t keep track of them all.

5. Influence peddling. Dan Pike approached Don Keenan with an offer: Endorse me and I’ll make you deputy mayor. Don’t believe me? Ask Don Keenan, a man who’s probably never lied a day in his life, what really happened. Go ahead.

It’s truly pathetic to watch Mr. Pike try to cover up this lie, this CRIME of influence peddling. At the October 16th KGMI debate, Mr. Pike said that “Don Keenan did not approach me” about an endorsement in return for a job. True in and of itself, but an outright lie of omission. DAN PIKE APPROACHED DON KEENAN. Listen for yourself at www.kgmi.com

I could go on and on. (And I will at another time and place---like before the Public Disclosure Commission.) Mr. Pike’s is utterly lacking in integrity. He’s a “confidence man” who’ll tell you exactly what you want to here. He’s incredibly mean-spirited and is simply out to win at all costs.

"I Like Pike"? What the heck does that mean? That campaign slogan is all about personality. Karl Rove would be more than a little impressed with some of the tricks in the Pike Campaign Toolbox.
Larry Cauldron | 10.20.07 - 3:33 pm | #

Anonymous said...

Love the site - no matter who's behind it. This last comment was very revealing and I'm totally concerned that the Herald is not running all the lies that Pike is spewing forth. Seriously, 19 years to finish his undergrad degree? What excuse is there for that???

Anonymous said...

At what point can we begin to discuss "issues" if one Candidate has lied about his work record, his education, his positions and has no record of caring about anything locally to examine?

"He breathes lies." I think that just about sums up Pike.

Did any Herald person or Pike supporter even bother to look at his resume? Like a half sober, competent, journalist would?


Anonymous said...

I see a lot of parallels between the Pike campaign and GWB's first run for president-- he exudes an optimism, seems like a nice guy, a consensus builder, a listener, no pre-conceived plan, down-home while the other guy is stuffy etc.

I really don't intend that as a putdown, but as a warning.

Anonymous said...

In the most recent CW, Dan
McShane attempts to “clear”
his record with regard to the
Sudden Valley Urban Growth
Area (SVUGA). As someone
who, along with other Lake
Whatcom activists, opposed
the SVUGA from the outset, I
found his attempt to fall far
short of its intended mark.
The partial history of the
SVUGA with regard to the Whatcom
County Council can be listed
as follows: The SV UGA was
fi rst considered by the Planning
and Development Committee
(on which Dan McShane
served) on Feb. 20, 2001, for
docketing. At that meeting, it
was voted 2-1 in favor of docketing
with McShane in favor
(Connie Hoag was opposed).
On March 20, 2001, it was considered
by the full council for
docketing, with council voting
in favor 6-1. Again McShane
voted in favor of docketing
(and again Hoag was the only
council member opposed). At
this point, the proposal had
not yet been amended and
was forwarded to the Planning
Commission. The commission passed it
with revisions and sent it back to the
Planning and Development Committee
for reconsideration on Sept. 25, 2001.
With a tie vote of 1-1 and McShane now
opposed (one committee member absent),
the SVUGA then went to the full
council. The record shows that most of
the amendments McShane claims credit
for were already present when the
SVUGA reached his committee.
At the full council meeting on Sept.
25, 2001, McShane introduced the proposal.
He asked that a public hearing
be held, as there was no recommendation
from his committee. This was defeated,
and the SVUGA was forwarded
to the full County Council without a
public hearing on a 5-2 vote (McShane
and Brenner opposed this time). At the
Dec. 11, 2001 full council meeting, the
SVUGA—in all of its ugliness—passed
on a vote of 5-1 with only council member
Brenner in opposition this time
(one council member was absent). Dan
McShane voted in favor of the SVUGA
at this meeting.
Additionally, McShane, cites a signifi
cant downzone of surrounding areas
to rural as a result of amendments to
the SVUGA he claims title to. However,
the record shows that no downzones of
surrounding areas occurred in concert
with the SVUGA. The downzoned areas
McShane refers to (mostly the Firs’ Camp
Firwood) had their zoning designations
changed (initially on an interim basis)
in June 2002, well after the SVUGA
passed. This latter downzone occurred
after the council added members Roy,
Fleetwood and Caskey-Schreiber. At this
point McShane certainly had the votes
to also rescind the SVUGA, but failed to
show any leadership on the issue.
That doesn’t sound quite like what
McShane would have us believe. At the
time the SVUGA passed, many people
were puzzled as to why McShane, who
had been an ally on many Lake Whatcom
issues, would vote in favor of this
proposal. Sure, as he stated in his letter,
it would still pass even if he voted
against it. But why vote for it? I concluded
at the time, and maintain to
this day, that McShane voted in favor
of the SVUGA for purely political reasons—
he would be up for re-election
in 2003 and didn’t want to alienate any
SV residents whose support he would
likely need. I think his recent explanation
(that voting against it would
have been politically expedient) is revisionist
history—it only looks like it
would have been politically expedient
in hindsight.
This recent attempt at revisionist
history by McShane shows why I have
become very disillusioned by him—
he is simply not honest. I suppose we
have quite a few other politicians who
are also not entirely on the up-and-up;
McShane is just another one of those.
Fortunately, Bellingham residents
have a much better choice for mayor—
Dan Pike is a smart, honest, experienced
leader who will serve the city
well. I like Pike!

Editor’s Note: In a follow-up note, Dan
McShane apologized for a failure of
his memory six years after his vote on
SVUGA and does essentially agree with
Tom Pratum’s process timeline and the
order of votes (although, obviously, not
with Pratum’s conclusions). McShane
says, “It was and still is my opinion
that there was some net benefi t to the
provisional UGA. I believe reducing the
density around and within Sudden Valley
and the work of Sudden Valley to
remove 1,400 lots in their association
was a small but reasonable step for
Lake Whatcom, and represented what
was possible in 2001.”

Anonymous said...

Hey. D. Venus Pike has supposedly lived here since 1982, what exactly was he doing to help fix Lake Whatcom in the last 25 years?

His only contribution is to attack an 8400 acre Lake park developed with input from hundreds of locals for some kind of selfish electoral purposes.
Trash the reservoir park to be Mayor?

For that reason alone, Pike should go back to Tacoma or New Jersey.

Richard Head said...

Seth will change his mind soon after his next bonghit behind pepper sisters.

My friends call me Dick.