Let's make "Let's do the Public's business in public" public!!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday, Sep 30

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Vain Joshers said...

I agree. We should have started the public process on reconveyance a way long time ago! It should have started BEFORE anyone even had the idea of reconveyance. Otherwise, how could we know that the original idea was pure and not politically motivated?
In fact, I'm really pissed that John Servais and me didn't get to be involved in a public process over the very formation of the lake. That's the problem with geology is that it ignores public input. It's undemocratic!

Jar She Vinos said...

We should hold public meetings about Servais' secret deals with Ted Mischaikoff. What is his plan for Fairhaven? Why is he seen in private meetings with Ted?